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Size Name:12 Pack



These absorbent dish towels for kitchen have several important features that we cannot ignore at all. These are extremely lightweight hence are dried in a very short time. The dish towels are ultra-soft, no lint is left on the surface wherever you use these dish towels, and you do not have to fear that it will leave any kind of scratch on the glassware or other shiny surfaces. It is available in two decent colors, grey and white, that will look elegant in your kitchen.


Tired of buying a bulk of dish towels for the kitchen again and again? Use microfiber dish towels as they are enduring and long-lasting. The edges of the towels are hemmed professionally hence, giving it a perfect look. Also, the towel does not shrink or fray after being washed. Get rid of paper towels, wipes and tissues and buy these dish towels.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, we make sure that the quality of the material is not compromised. High-quality material is used in its manufacturing, keeping it reliable for all kinds of surfaces. We ensure safe quality, and 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Convenient exchange and return policy.

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