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Why use a crepe and pancake maker?

The large, non-stick cooking surface of this electric pancake maker means it is much easier to cook your crepes and pancake than with a traditional frying pan. There’s no need to tip the pan through all angles to try can get the cooking surface covered. Furthermore, the large cooking space means you can create even pancakes and crepes without the batter pooling at the edges of the pan causing edges of raw mix whilst the middle has already cooked.

What else can this pancake cooker make?

Aside from the classic British pancake and the european crepe, you can use your electric crepe maker to cook blini, Russia’s version of the Blini, Indian Dosa or Chinese Bing. You can choose to make sweet or savoury dishes, keto pancakes, gluten free versions and even vegan pancakes if you have the correct ingredients.

How hot does this crepe maker get?

The adjustable temperature dial lets you turn the heat up to 250 degrees centigrade although most recipes are best made using a medium temperature. There’s a power on indicator light and a ready light so it’s easy to see when your pancake maker machine has reached to desired temperature. You can even turn the heat down to the lowest setting to keep your pancakes warm whilst you eat the first ones that you made.

Is it easy to clean?

Yes, the 33cm diameter cast aluminum hot plate has a non-stick PTFE coating so you only need to add a tiny amount of oil. Once you’ve finished cooking wait for the crepe maker to cool down a little then wipe the surface with a warm, damp soft cloth to remove any remaining batter.

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