Create a wide variety of delicious dishes with the Crock-Pot CSC024 5.6L Digital Slow and Multi Cooker. From risotto, soup and pasta, to steamed fish, rice pudding and even porridge, with this cooker in your kitchen arsenal you’ll never have to use multiple pans again.

Not only does this machine slow cook as well as every other Crock-Pot but it also sautes, steams, roasts and bakes. The five pre-programmed intelligent functions have multiple settings in each mode and allows you to quickly and conveniently get your meal in progress.

Along with all these intelligent functions, this cooker also allows you to manually adjust the time, up to 12 hours in the slow cook mode and the temperature from 65 – 230 degree centigrade – allowing you to have total control at all times.

Two heat settings enables you to cook to your own schedule and there is also a useful keep warm function which is automated after the cooking process.

The Slow and Multi Cooker comes with a roasting rack and a rice measuring cup, as well as a recipe booklet to get your inspiration flowing.

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