“The FoodSaver FFS017 Food Preservation Vacuum System System keeps food fresh for up to five times longer. Its automatic vacuum & seal operation allows you to vacuum seal food in compatible bags and containers. The integrated handheld sealer is perfect for use with FoodSaver zipper bags and Fresh Containers for short-term storage. Integrated roll storage and cutting facility allows you to cut FoodSaver rolls and heat seal into bags using the “Seal only” function. There is also a “moist/dry” function for adjusting the seal according to the food consistency and a marinate function. Its stylish design makes the FoodSaver FFS017 Food Preservation Vacuum System suitable for all kitchens.

By vacuum sealing food bought on sale and reducing household waste by up to 87%, the average UK family could save up to £600 per year using the FoodSaver System. Food is meant to be prepared, shared, savoured and shared again, and the FoodSaver System ensures food will remain as tasty and flavoursome as the day you sealed it. Vacuum sealing captures all the nutritional attributes of food, ensuring that when you are ready to eat there is no sacrifice in quality or flavour.

Box Contains

FoodSaver FFS017 Vacuum Sealing System, 3 x 0.94L bags, 2 x 3.78L bags, 3 x 0.95L zipper bags. 1 x roll 28cm x 3m

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