Product Description

HULKER BRAND believes that the technological progress affects our lives and people’s living standards is improving. so we devotes to developing a product that providing practical household charging equipment, also keeps innovation, convenient, fashionable and beautiful appearance.


1. please read the product page below carefully before you place an order and don’t use it against the warnings.

2. The product isn’t waterproof ,do not use this switch adapter in humid environment and don’t plug it into another relocatable power tap.

3.This product is not suitable for kids, when children using this product, there should be an adult by the side.

4. The max rated power of this plug extension is 3250W, it’s not suitable for high-power devices. Please check with your charging appliance provider to see whether it’s a high-power product before you charge it by this plug socket. If one appliance is already 3250W and it takes 1 socket, no matter how many jacks are left, you can’t use the other sockets .

1 2+2 4 5878 123
3 UK Socket + 2 USB Plug Extension 2 UK Socket + 2 USB Plug Extension 4 Way Extension Socket 3 UK Socket + 6 USB Ports Extension Lead with USB 3 Universal Socket+6 USB Ports Extension Lead With USB
color selection White White White Black Black
Qty of AC outlets 3 2 4 3 3
Qty of USB Ports 2 2 / 6 6
Output(max) 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A 3250W 13A
USB output(max) 2.1A 2.1A / 3.4A 3.4A
Rated voltage 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V 110-250V
Size (mm) 242x115x25 115 x 190 x 26 238x114x24 162x97x38 162x97x38
Cable of length(M) / / / 2 1.5
Indicator light
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