INCREDIBLE CASSEROLES > Releasing heat steadily and evenly, the cast iron casserole dish set is perfect for slowly cooking stews, ragouts, cassoulets and tajines. You can also use it to make risottos, bake gratins, souffles, tarts and bread, or even roast fish, poultry and joints of meat. Included are 20cm, 24cm, shallow 28cm and oval 30cm casserole dishes, making the set large enough to create delicious meals for the whole family
✅ SOLID & STYLISH > Made from incredibly strong cast iron, each induction casserole dish is solid, reliable and designed to last a lifetime. A tough enamel coating both inside and out protects the cast iron, prevents rusting and makes it easier to clean. The glossy cream inner and turquoise outer finish looks super stylish. A close-fitting lid ensures juices and flavours can’t escape and nodules on the underside gather moisture and make it drop straight back into the dish during cooking
✅ COMFORT & CONTROL > Chunky, integral handles let you safely pick up and transfer each heavy casserole pot to and from your oven, even with thick oven gloves. Each lid’s large stainless steel knob makes it easy to lift without fear of dropping it. A smooth flat base ensures each dish rests steadily on the hob, oven shelf or table
✅ VERSATILE COOKING > Suitable for all types of hob, including gas, electric, ceramic, halogen, induction and solid plate, the casserole dish set is also oven safe up to 260C, so you can begin cooking on the stove then transfer your food to the oven without the need to change pans. It is also safe to use on barbecues. When you’ve finished cooking, simply place the set of casserole dishes in the dishwasher to clean ready for next time
✅ 25 YEAR GUARANTEE: ProCook design, manufacture and supply Innovative Products and are passionate about Quality and Service. We offer a 25 year guarantee with all ProCook Cast Iron Cookware

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